France dominates again in Schwechat

Sunday, 22 Jul 23:53 2012

France is the most successful nation at the STRÖCK European Youth Championships concluded today in Schwechat, Austria. Boys and girls from France won 5 gold medals, 3 silver and 6 bronze medals. Germany is at the position no. two with 4 medals, or four titles one of which was in doubles with Romanian player. Germany also has three silver and three bronze medals. Romania is third nation also with 4 gold, but two silver and two bronze medals. Poland emerged at position no. four with gold, two silver, and 2 bronze. Sweden has one gold and one bronze.

Among the medal winners are also Russia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, England and Portugal…

Trsitan FLORE of France and Bernadette SZOCS of Romania defended their titles in their respective Junior Boy’s and Girl’s Singles Event. Alena LEMMER clinched the gold in singles for Germany, whilst in cadet category Alexandre CASSIN of France shined.

Poland showed great progress this year. Konrad KULPA and Jakub DYJAS clinched gold in Junior Boys Teams Event. In Junior Girls Doubles Bernadette SZOCS of Romania and Petrissa SOLJA of Germany ruled once again.

Sweden reached only gold thanks to Anton KALLBERG and Simon BERGLUND in Cadet Doubles Event whilst Adina DIACONU and Mihaela LUPU of Romania won the title in girls category.

Tristan FLORE is the first junior boy since 2002 who wins the junior boys singles title two times in a row. Only 5 junior boys ever did this: Bagrat BURNAZJAN, Jan Ove WALDNER (he had even 3 in a row), Vladimir SAMSONOV, Timo BOLL and Christian SUSS.

Bernadette SZOCS won her third singles title in a row, in 2010 she won the cadets, in 2011 the juniors. Jan Ove WALDNER and her compatriot Otilia BADESCU are the only ones sharing this. And she has still one year to go for the all time record.

Since SZOCS’ first team title in 2008, she won together 11 European Youth titels, 3 in the team event, 3 in the singles and 5 in doubles. Vladimir SAMSONOV has 12 and he is the only one still ahead of Bernadette.

55th STRÖCK European Youth Championships 2012

Junior Boys Singles Event
Gold Tristan FLORE France
Silver Simon GAUZY France
Bronze Enzo ANGLES France, Antoine HACHARD France

Junior Girls Singles Event
Gold Bernadette SZOCS Romania
Silver Petrissa SOLJA Germany
Bronze Lea RAKOVAC Croatia, Irina CIOBANU Romania

Cadet Boys Singles Event
Gold Alexandre CASSIN France
Silver Patryk ZATOWKA Poland
Bronze Maxim CHAPLYGIN Russia, Romain RUIZ France

Cadet Girls Singles Event
Gold Alena LEMMER Germany
Silver Marie MIGOT France
Bronze Maria MALANINA Russia, HO Tin Tin England

Junior Boys Doubles Event
Gold Konrad KULPA, Jakub DYJAS Poland
Silver Tristan FLORE, Simon GAUZY France
Bronze Hampus SÖDERLUND, Viktor GÖRMAN Sweden; Robin DEVOS, Antoine HACHARD Belgium, France

Junior Girls Doubles Event
Gold Bernadette SZOCS, Petrissa SOLJA Romania, Germany
Silver Anna FENYVESI, Viktoria TRUZSINSZKI Serbia
Bronze Mateja JEGER, Aneta MAKSUTI Croatia, Serbia; Roxana ISTRATE, Irina CIOBANU Romania

Cadet Boys Doubles Event
Gold Anton KALLBERG, Simon BERGLUND Sweden
Silver Aleksander WERECKI, Patryk ZATOWKA Poland
Bronze Alexandre CASSIN, Can AKKUZU France; Romain RUIZ, Joe SEYFRIED France

Cadet Girls Doubles Event
Gold Adina DIACONU, Mihaela LUPU Romania
Silver WAN Yuan, Alena LEMMER Germany
Bronze Natalia BAJOR, Rita FINS Poland, Portugal;  Csilla NAGYPAL, Leila IMRE Hungary

Junior Mixed Doubles
Gold Frederick JOST, Petrissa SOLJA Germany
Silver Ondrej BAJGER, Tamara TOMANOVA Czech Republic
Bronze Benedikt DUDA, Nina MITTELHAM Germany; Marc RODE, Yuko IMAMURA Germany

Cadet Mixed Doubles
Gold Can AKKUZU, Audrey ZARIF France
Silver Alexandru MANOLE, Andreea CLAPA Romania
Bronze Patryk ZATOWKA, Natalia BAJOR Poland; Ibrahim GÜNDÜZ, Damla UZEL Turkey

Junior Boys Team’s Event
Gold medal: France (Tristan FLORE, Simon GAUZY, Antoine HACHARD, Enzo ANGLES, Alexandre ROBINOT)
Silver medal: Germany (Frederik JOST, Marc RODE, Benedikt DUDA, Dang QIU, Liang QIU)
Bronze medal: Poland (Konrad KULPA, Jakub DYJAS, Antoni WITKOWSKI, Michal BANKOSZ, Adrian WIECEK); Italy (Leonardo MUTTI, Damiano SERETTI, Alessandro BACIOCCHI, Maurizio MASSARELLI)

Junior Girls Team’s Event
Gold medal: Romania (Bernadette Cynthia SZOCS, Roxana Ana Maria ISTRATE, Irina CIOBANU, Andreea ROSCA, Bernadett BALINT)
Silver medal: Russia (Yana NOSKOVA, Anna ROSSIKHINA, Anna BLAZHKO, Ekaterina GUSEVA, Elizaveta KHLYZOVA)
Bronze medal: Germany (Petrissa SOLJA, Yuko IMAMURA, Anja SCHUH, Nina MITTELHAM, Theresa KRAFT); Croatia (Mateja JEGER, Ida JAZBEC, Lea RAKOVAC, Ivana TUBIKANEC)

Cadet Boys Team’s Event
Gold medal: France (Romain RUIZ, Alexandre CASSIN, Joe SEYFRIED, Can AKKUZU)
Silver medal: Russia (Maxim CHAPLYGIN, Nikita YARUSHIN, Konstantin CHERNOV, Bogdan TIKHONOV)
Bronze medal:Denmark (Jakob HANSEN, Kynde Marc NIELSEN, Anders LIND, Andreas DILLING); Belgium (Thibaut DARCIS, Romain LAMBIET, Anthony DECEUNINCK, Matthias JANSSENS)

Cadet Girls Team’s Event
Gold medal: Germany (Jennie WOLF, Yuan WAN, Alena LEMMER, Lilli EISE)
Silver medal: Romania (Andreea CLAPA, Bianca CRISAN, Adina DIACONU, Mihaela Diana LUPU)
Bronze medal: Russia (Daria CHERNOVA, Polina BIKEEVA, Maria PANARINA, Maria MALANINA); France (Audrey ZARIF, Roza SOPOSKI, Marion CHOMIS, Marie MIGOT)

(by Milica NIKOLIC, EWT)

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Photo: the new Euriopean champions in Singles (Photo dapetykaan)