Austria welcomes European youngsters

Thursday, 12 Jul 14:22 2012

After an exciting week of Olympic preparation at the Werner SCHLAGER Academy (WSA) it’s the time for the top European juniors to take the stage. Friday the 13th can not be any better date to start the STRÖCK European Youth Championships in Schwechat, Austria.

Almost 600 participants from 46 countries and more than 2.000 expected spectators are record breaking facts for the biggest European Youth Championships in the history. In addition there is probably no better location in Europe to stage an event of this size than the WSA, based in the Multiversum complex. There are 16 practice and 26 match tables waiting to be used for the fierce battles in next 10 days. So a competition with perfect facilities in the air-conditioned halls is guaranteed for the table tennis pros of the future.

Especially the home competitors are in the spotlight these days.

“It’s hard to say how far we can get. The pressure is, of course, higher on home soil. But the preparation was good, and I am in good shape.” said Austrians hope Nicole GALITSCHITSCH with great confidence.

She will be the member of the biggest Austrian delegation (10 juniors & 8 cadets) who has been sent to an international major event ever.

For Austria will play Melanie LUGINGER, Theresa RAICH, Lisa LUNG, Nicole GALITSCHITSCH, Karoline MISCHEK, Lisa STORER, Sandra FUCHS, Valerie TISCHLER,Christian LUGINGER, Thomas MOLLNER, David VORCNIK, David SERDAROGLU, Andreas LEVENKO, David KLAUS, Martin SCHAUMBERGER, Thomas GRININGER, Stefan LEITGEB, Simon PFEFFER

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(by Milica NIKOLIC, EWT)


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Photo:  (Photo Lomaev)